The Gift of the Year Award goes to…

The Gift of the Year Award goes to…

The Leaf Cleaning Tongs! Created by design group WITH Creative
In the world of innovative and practical design, design group WITH Creative developed the perfect item for your indoor plant sanctuary, and they have taken the spotlight by winning the prestigious Gift of the Year Award UK 2023 in the Novelty, Tech & Gadget category!

These remarkable tongs make the task of cleaning leaves easy, and they help your plants breathe better and increase their effectiveness in purifying your indoor air. The ergonomic grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold, allowing users to effortlessly clean the leaves. Held together with magnets, the tongs easily separate for cleaning larger leaves. With a lightweight, compact, and plastic-free design, the Leaf Cleaning Tongs are a stylish addition to any plant parent’s arsenal.

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The Gift of the Year Award UK is a highly respected accolade that celebrates exceptional products across various categories. Design group With Creative's Leaf Cleaning Tongs stood out among numerous entries, impressing the judging panel with their clever design and practicality.

Congratulations to WITH Creative for this great achievement!

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