Kikkerland Bone Shaped Dominoes Set, 28 Tiles, Classic Board Game, Fun Family-Friendly Game Night, for Adults and Kids Ages 8 and up, Party Favors



This 28 piece dominoes set is sure to tickle your funny bone! Have a humerus time!

The Kikkerland Bones Domino Set is a fun and stylish twist on the classic game of dominoes. Here are the instructions on how to play:


  • Kikkerland Bones Domino Set (28 bones in total)
  • At least two players


  1. To begin the game, shuffle the domino bones and have each player draw one bone. The player with the highest double (a bone with the same number on both ends) goes first.

  2. The first player places one of their bones face-up on the table. The next player then tries to match one of their bones to the open end of the first bone, making sure that the numbers on each end of their bone match the numbers on the exposed ends of the first bone.

  3. Players take turns placing their bones on the table, trying to match the numbers on the ends of their bones to the numbers on the exposed ends of the bones already on the table. If a player cannot make a move, they must pass their turn.

  4. The game continues until one player has placed all of their bones on the table or until no more moves can be made. The player who places all of their bones first is the winner.

  5. If at any point during the game a player cannot match their bone to the exposed ends of the bones on the table, they must draw one bone from the remaining pile. If they can play the drawn bone, they must do so. Otherwise, they must pass their turn.