Wholesale Drop Shipping FAQ

What is the process?
Once the retailer receives their order on their website they go to Kikkerland.com and place an order with the same order details, and enter the ship to address of their customers.

Can anyone apply for Kikkerland drop-ship program?
Any existing or new customers can apply and will go through an approval process.

How does a retailer get a wholesale price?
Once approved, Kikkerland provides a unique wholesale discount code to the retailer, offering a 60% discount. Apply the discount code at the checkout page.

How much does it cost to prepare and ship the products?
A $8 shipping & handling fee is charged per order. The retailer will need to apply this fee on their website for their customers.

What is the price policy?
MSRP is recommended and above MAP is required.

How can the retailer get the all information needed for their website?
High resolution pictures, product information and retail prices are all available on our B2B platform. For further information to access our platform, please contact your Kikkerland territory sales manager.

How can you track orders?
Once placed, a notification and a tracking number is automatically sent to the retailer.

Is there a minimum order value for drop-ship?
There is no minimum.

What is the payment mode?
Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Do my payment terms with Kikkerland apply to the drop ship program?
Only credit card payment is accepted upon check out.

Is this program temporary for retailers during shelter-in-place, or will the store be allowed to keep offering drop-ship even when they reopen?
This program is available at any time to approved retailers until further notice.

Will there be notification of orders entered direct or by rep?
A Kikkerland sales manager will share an order report on a monthly basis.

How will commissions be tracked?
We will add the commission from drop ship orders to the monthly commission report.

Can a rep place an order for the customer? If yes, how would that be tracked?
A rep can place an order if the retailer agreed. To do that, the rep needs to get the following information: retailer contact information, end consumer contact information, the details of the order, and the retailer’s credit card.