Pizza Night Light By Steph Mantis Capturing The InterWebs!

Pizza Night Light designed by Steph Mantis inflamed the internet in just two days.
Here’s a compilation of the best quotes. Enjoy!
"Kikkerland Design has clearly tapped into our dreams with this pizza pie night light. Forget counting sheep, you need to be counting slices."
"Steph Mantis, the artist who designed the pizza night light, said pizza has always been a huge part of her life, having grown up at her family's pizzeria business, working at another pizzeria while in college, and more recently, eating countless slices as a New Yorker. She said it's a "quiet nod" to her first NYC pizza experience at Luigi Pizzeria in Brooklyn, and admits, "After I took the photo, I definitely ate the slice." "
"Though we didn't think it'd be possible for pizza to light up our lives any more than it already does, a cheesy night light has proven us so wrong."
"The pizza slice on the paper plate--it's the universal symbol of hospitality. If you want to create a sense of welcoming and comfort, this is what you present to guests. So it's a good model for a night light. Steph Mantis, a designer, loves pizza. Gaze upon her Tumblr to get a sense of the scale of her affection for it. In the past, she immortalized slices of pizza in lucite. More recently, she created a night light that looks just like a warm slice of cheese pizza. It almost looks edible!"
"Brooklyn-based product and exhibition designer Steph Mantis has created the Pizza Night Light, a slice of illuminating cheese pizza that lays deliciously on a paper plate."
“Remind yourself how much you love pizza as you drift off to sleep with this pizza nightlight."
"Is there anything more comforting than a slice of pizza? This night light, created by Brooklyn-based designer Steph Mantis, resembles a classic slice on a paper plate. The familiar image is sure to soothe any pizza lover into a peaceful sleep—albeit make them a little hungry."
"We love pizza. We love sleep. If we could eat pizza while sleeping, our hearts and stomachs would be whole and happy."
"For the pizza lover who often dreams of the perfect slice, this night light is the ultimate bedroom accessory."
"Before drifting off to sleep, you want to make sure that last visual you have is something comforting and appealing to the eyes. This is where Kikkerland’s pizza night light comes into play, because if you are scared of the dark, there is nothing more comforting than seeing a slice of pizza to remind you every thing is going to be okay."
"It looks like a little slice of cheese pizza on a paper plate and helps keep monsters away while you sleep. Prefer your pizza a little more meaty? Too bad, there's no pepperoni or meat lovers version available yet."
"This slice of pizza is about to get lit—and illuminate your bedroom. Designer (and now personal hero of mine) Steph Mantis has cooked up the Pizza Night Light, a cheesy way to give your room a nice sultry glow. It's a classic New York slice on a paper plate that'll keep your hungry nightmares away if you're scared of the dark."
"Every moment is a good moment for a slice of pizza. Even while dreaming. That makes this Pizza Slice Night Light the perfect home decor piece. It’s fun and functional but the only thing it isn’t is actual food."
"Designed to combat your fear of the dark and bedroom boogey-men, the slice plugs into the wall, and will add some cheese-colored mood-lighting to any room. "