Barbara Isenberg

Barbara Isenberg’s interest in creating useful products began as a child in Chicago where her father took her to hardware stores on weekends. This began the development of an eye for product design and a taste for gadgets.

After graduating The University of Michigan and working for a film company in Paris, she studied ceramics, wrote a weekly column for the New York Times Home section called Helpful Hardware, while having a family. Her young son inspired her to write children’s books and to follow her early dreams by starting her own business. Her company, the North American Bear Co., grew into a substantial specialty toy and gift business that flourished with award winning creations for over forty years in the U.S. and internationally.

Today she brings her experience and unique skill to the world of practical inventions through creating new products of daily utility in the home and while traveling. As always, her products’ signature is uniqueness, ease of use and filling a real need.