Make your New Years Resolution to Play Outdoors!

Make your New Years Resolution to Play Outdoors!

Numerous studies have shown the crucial role nature plays in child development. Be it stress reduction, increased physical activity, or greater academic engagement, the benefits are nearly unending. Unfortunately, with each passing new year, children are losing their wonderful connection with the natural world more and more. Compared to the never-ending entertainment of smart phones, nature can seem boring.

This pressing matter is why Chris Koens and Ramon Middlekoop  came together to create the beloved Kikkerland product line: Huckleberry. One of our favorite sub-brands, Huckleberry is designed to inspire children to reconnect with nature through fun & whimsy. 


To advance this movement, we teamed up with the Children & Nature Network, a nonprofit organization at the forefront of ensuring equitable and accessible nature benefits for children worldwide. A portion of all Huckleberry sales goes to C&NN, and we hope this partnership continues to grow strong for years to come. 

Using our favorite Huckleberry Products, here are 5 great ways to play outdoors in the New Year!

1. Make Beautiful Mosaic Patterns with Nature

The natural world is filled with beauty- sometimes we can forget. The Huckleberry Kaleidoscope creates mesmerizing and colorful patterns using things which can be found right in your back yard such as flowers, leaves, and bugs.


2. Go on a Camping Adventure 

Camping trips are where memories are made, and where the felt connection to nature is the strongest. Luckily, there's no better companion on these getaways than the Huckleberry Compass. With a clear window in the center of the compass, kids can look at the earth as they learn to navigate themselves through the wilderness.


3. Wood Carving!

Who said nature and art have to be separate? Wood carving is a fun way to get kids into nature and develop their artistic passion. The Huckleberry Wood Carving Tool is perfect for simple wood etchings on dead stumps or stray branches(not live trees!). 


4. Make Your Own Flower Necklace

Who doesn't love flower necklaces? The Huckleberry Fresh Flower Necklace makes the perfect activity and accessory. Explore your garden, find your favorite fresh flowers, and lace them on!  


5. Go (Mini) Sailing

Not all of us have a forest or park near us. The Huckleberry Motor Boat is the perfect vessel for voyages at your local pond or beach. Kids can use creativity and craftsmanship to make their own miniature motor boat and set sail!


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