Pratt visits Barnes & Noble

Pratt visits Barnes & Noble

In New York City, 15 talented product design students are on a journey that could turn their wildest dreams into reality. These aspiring designers have a unique opportunity to showcase their creativity, with a chance to see their product produced by Kikkerland and sold in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. The quest for the title of the 2024 design challenge winner is underway, and these young minds are set to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Under the mentorship of design luminary Constantine Boym, these Pratt students task is both exciting and daunting: to create a product tailored for book lovers.



Recently, the contestants embarked on a field trip to the recently renovated the Barnes & Noble Upper West Side location. The purpose of the trip was twofold: to gain inspiration from the enchanting world of books, and to receive valuable insights from experts like B&N's Senior Merchant Manager, Kali Dellaguardia, who curates and brings these products to life on Barnes & Noble store shelves. 


Kali Dellaguardia and Janine Flanigan, Head of Store Planning & Design, led the students on a tour and shared their vast experience in selecting and displaying products for the Barnes & Noble audience. Their message was clear: think outside the box. With the recent redesign of Barnes & Noble stores, they emphasized the importance of capturing the essence of a contemporary, engaging, and immersive bookstore experience. The students were urged to create designs that would not only resonate with book lovers but also enhance their reading journey in innovative ways.



As the contestants left the store, they were buzzing with energy and brimming with ideas. The field trip had provided them with a unique perspective on the world of readers and introduced them to the unlimited possibilities of designing for this passionate community. Armed with this newfound inspiration and the encouragement to break free from convention, they are now well on their way to crafting innovative, reader-centric products for Kikkerland's 2024 Design Challenge. 

In the months to come, we will eagerly await the unveiling of their designs and the final judgment. Who will be the 2024 design challenge winner?



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