Kikkerland x Doctors Without Borders

Kikkerland x Doctors Without Borders

By: Nick Pappas

Kikkerland Donates $100,000 to Doctors without Borders to Support Vaccine Equity

Kikkerland’s goal has always been about finding simple solutions to complex problems, and perhaps the simplest solution to making the world better is getting resources to the organizations devoted to improving it.

That’s why, as the global pandemic raged, Kikkerland Founder Jan van der Lande made a charitable donation of $100,000 to Doctors without Borders. It’s part of a long history of philanthropy for the company, which has continuously given funds to worthy causes that help children, the climate, and disadvantaged designers. 

“It’s important for everyone to give back,” van der Lande said. “I’ve been given so many other opportunities by other people and I think we need to be responsible for the world we live in.”

“We’re not going to live here forever.” 

Though the vaccine has been free and readily available throughout the U.S., impoverished countries have nowhere near the same level of access. More than half of all Americans are now fully immunized against COVID-19, but fewer than six percent of people living in low-income countries have received even a single dose. 

Van der Lande believes that the pandemic won’t be over for anyone until it’s over for everyone.

“If we don’t help them, we aren’t going to help ourselves either. It’s important for a better world,” van der Lande said.

Doctors without Borders is committed to distributing the vaccine fairly and equitable to people all over the world based on need, not profit. Van der Lande said that while it’s Kikkerland’s first donation, he doesn’t believe it will be the last. He also hopes to set up a charitable matching program to help Doctors without Borders attain more funds. 

“We can all do so much more,” van der Lande said. “If you only want to make money, that’s good. But it’s kind of boring in the end, isn’t it?”

Van der Lande not only believes we should help, but that it’s our duty as Americans to help. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, we should join together to defeat the virus not just here, but around the world.

“2020 was really mind-boggling, but it’s not finished. There’s going to be more problems coming up, especially when people stop talking to each other,” van der Lande said.

“Everyone has to calm down a little bit and try to help each other. We’re all in it together.” 

To find out more about how you can support Doctors without Borders, from donations to fundraising, visit their website at 

A portion of the profits from many Kikkerland items are donated to worthy organizations. To learn more about the causes that are important to Kikkerland and how your purchase can help, please visit their philanthropy page.

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