Huckleberry x Kikkerland

Huckleberry x Kikkerland

Let’s Go Outside… with Huckleberry – a brand designed by Dutch designers Chris Koens and Ramon Middelkoop for Kikkerland. 

"Our relationship with Jan and Kikkerland goes way back to the 90’s when Jan had just started in New York and sold Chris’ first design, the “Firefly”. It was a tea light holder that mounted to the wall. It was the first of many designs we created with Kikkerland. We kept in touch through all these years and have done many projects together since. We feel that Kikkerland’s sense of play and wit make it the perfect company to partner with to launch the Huckleberry line."

Huckleberry was invented to allow children to connect with nature, explore, create and play. Here are some words from the designers themselves on what is the motivation behind the brand:

 “As designers and creators of Huckleberry, we're always excited to come up with new things that motivate kids to go outside. In the outdoors you will meet other children to play with, there is a lot to discover and fun and adventure awaits! We find it extremely inspiring to see that Huckleberry products contribute to the well-being of children.”

"With Huckleberry, our aim is to stimulate. We hope that children learn and grow with Huckleberry. We hope they make something on their own and take pride in that. That’s why we keep the designs fairly “open” in concept; so that kids decide for themselves what they want to do or make. Their imagination and creativity is a necessary element. Huckleberry’s own namesake is the story of a boy who loved having adventures in nature. We hope kids today will rediscover the importance of nature and stumble upon their own adventures when they use Huckleberry. Who knows? They may make lifelong memories."


Did you know that all wood used for the Huckleberry products is FSC certified? A portion of the sales go to Children & Nature Network

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