Galactic Sneeze brings laugh-out-loud, original games to Kikkerland Design

Galactic Sneeze brings laugh-out-loud, original games to Kikkerland Design


This season, Kikkerland Design proudly presents three new, original games: Goat Yoga, Maskarades and Clock Block. To create these games, we partnered with Brooklyn-based “fun stuff think tank”, Galactic Sneeze. This wife and husband duo dream up awesome concepts for toys, games and more! We are thrilled to work with them and very excited to release these three, totally original and hysterical games!

Goat Yoga Party Game: In this hilarious party game, players perform real yoga poses while completing ridiculous challenges with an inflatable goat. From balancing the goat on your head to batting it in the air, to bleating the tune to a song...your game night is sure to be filled with positive vibes and laugh-out-loud fun! Show us your moves! Share your pics and tag #GoatYogaPartyGame! Balance the goat, BE the G.O.A.T.

Maskarades: Maskarades is a hilarious new take on charades! Put on the dry erase mask, blindly draw a face and act out your character! Can the other players correctly guess who you are? Hurry, you only have 1 minute! This laugh-out-loud game is fun for all ages and the perfect addition to game night!

Clock Block: Action-packed game of building, betting and blocking! Flip a card to see what to build, then roll the die to see how. With your left hand? From memory? Now, declare how fast you think you can do it. Other players can steal your turn by betting they can do it faster. Will you stack up? Or will you crack up?! Clock Block!

Stay tuned for more info on these exciting games, available soon from Kikkerland Design!

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