Top 10 Gifts for Everybody

Top 10 Gifts for Everybody

    Gifting can be hard. Let's make it easy with a top 10 gift guide for everybody. Chosen by our own team, these ten gifts are the best combination of fun, affordable, and timeless- just what your loved ones deserve.
    1. Make Your Own Music Box Kit ($30)

    A must-have for musicians, crafters, and anyone with a creative spark. This $30 DIY music box brings endless possibilities & charm to the holidays.   


    2. Pea ($17)

    Gift your loved ones with the tiniest member of our Critter family. Wind PEA up and watch it tumble through oncoming adventures. A great gift for under $20!


    3. Solar Frida ($35)

    Gift your artist-friends with their own personal muse. This $35 Solar Frida soaks up the sun and gestures to her paint palatte, spreading creative inspiration to anyone's living space!  


    4. Crab Multi-Tool ($25)

    For lovers of sea life, this $25 multi-tool makes life a little easier. Comes with a mini scissor, bottle opener, 3/16 flat head screwdriver, can opener, mini knife, and rope saw.


    5. Earbud Cleaning Kit ($10)

    This 10 buck tin makes protecting your pods affordable & easy. A great stocking stuffer for tech-lovers and music-addicts.


    6. Rainbow Twirler ($5)

    Mesmerizing & mystifying, this $5 rainbow twirler is the most affordable way to make parties fun and rainbow-filled. 


    7. Tabletop Bowling ($16)

    Let's go bowling! Test your spares and strikes with this under $20 tabletop bowling set. A great gift for those who love to host. 


    8. Hand 3D Wooden Puzzle ($11.25)

    For the little engineers in your life. This three-dimensional puzzle helps problem-solving skills, and becomes a beautiful sculpture when finished! Best thing is, it's under $15. 


    9. Cat Book Stand ($18)

    Cat lovers & chefs unite! Our new cat book stand keeps your cook book upright and easily readable with his cute tail. For just under $20, its a purrfect gift.


    10. RainbowMaker ($37.50)

    Featured 1st on NYT's Wirecutter Gift Guide, our beloved rainbowmaker truly is a timeless gift for anyone. For less than $50, watch as the entrancing crystal fills your room with rainbows for years to come.



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