Ramón Middelkoop

Ramón Middelkoop (Giessen Nbr., Nederland, 1971) is trained as an industrial designer at 'The Design Academy' in Eindhoven.

He designs products, interiors, exhibitions and objects.

He is responsible with Chris Koens for the Huckleberry brand at Kikkerland.

Huckleberry by Kikkerland Design wants children to play outdoors. Designed by Chris Koens and Ramon Middelkoop from the Netherlands, inspired by their children. The line consists of simple tools and toys to start your own outdoor adventure while enjoying the beauty of nature. Huckleberry is about learning by playing together and having fun outdoors!

Over the last few generations, childhood has moved indoors, leaving kids disconnected from the natural world. This worldwide trend has profound implications for children’s healthy development and the future of our planet. Their main vision, A world in which all children play, learn and grow with nature in their everyday lives.

Ramón Middelkoop