Hector Serrano x Kikkerland

Hector Serrano is Valencia-based industrial designer.His projects combine innovation with the communication of familiar ideas in unusual and inventive way.

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Working with Hector
I was introduced to Hector by our agent Gloria from Spain. When we first met he was living in London. He was working on a big project: a new Double Decker London bus!

He liked our brand as we are not so serious and still look for innovative products. The first products were a series of children Jungle Masks and party flags. They sold very well because Hector’s art is very good. He also designed our Ant food Picks. These are still one of our best selling products. They are little black ants that have a pick that holds eau d'oeuvre food.

Every year Hector and I meet at trade fairs either in Paris or Frankfurt. We discuss the market and the trends that we see. Kikkerland gets the feed back from our customers and Hector translates this information into new ideas and products. Hector proposed Iconic Woman Matching Cards, Fish Shaped Produce (bags that reduce the use of plastic bags that get thrown in the ocean), porcupine scrubbers made of wood, travel tooth brushes made of Bamboo and more.

During the pandemic Hector and I kept in contact and he proposed 2 new sub brands for Kikkerland. The first one is called Newton’s Lab; a series of products made of hard board that you assemble yourself. It allows you to discover the world of physics while playing. The other sub Brand is Crafters. These are 6 Do-It-Yourself products that teach you to a craft like embroidery, to calligraphy, block printing and more. I am very happy to know Hector. He is an asset for Kikkerland. We look forward to continue to develop new ideas and products together.

- Jan van der Lande